Katzenzucht der echten Kartäuser Katzen


Here you can find out all the important news from our Chartreux cat breeding, the real Carthusian cats.

03.09.2020 - Eden's travel

On September 1st, 2020 I went with Eden on the trip to Damian del Rio Turriga in the wonderful breed "de la Paquerette" (→ external link) by Christine Gutsche.

Eden is a very sensitive cat lady and took some time to get used to, but in the end she and Damian were inseparable.

We are now keeping our fingers crossed! 😻😻

27.08.2020 - Moving out - part 2

Now the little ones are 16 weeks old and the last two, Baltahzar and Dushi, have also left the nest.

Balthazar has been living in his home in Strasbourg for 5 days and keeps his new Catmom busy.

And now Dushi has also arrived at her new little best friend in Amsterdam and forges new, deep bonds.

08.08.2020 - Moving out - part1

How quickly time goes by - now Balthasar, Buddy, Prim and Katniss (Baghira & Bijou) have moved out and are now making the life of their new families a little brighter.

While Prim and Katniss continue to make their new territory unsafe as a duo, Balthasar befriends his new playmates (2 Norwegian forest cats). Buddy, on the other hand, initially goes to his new family as a loved and pampered only child. 😄

Balthazar and Dushi (Bluwie) are unfortunately still waiting for their move abroad. You are only allowed to cross the "borders" with a valid rabies vaccination and it is still a few days before it is valid. 😉

Chartreux Mang de Meren - Kitten alle zufrieden

07.05.2020 - 6 gorgeous kittens

Emilia gave us 6 wonderful kittens in the evening (May 7th, 2020).

She handled everything so wonderfully and alone that we felt completely superfluous. Everyone is doing well and drinking like world champions.

Mang de Meren - Schwangere Chartreux Emilia

16.04.2020 - Pregnancy confirmed

The ultrasound at the vet confirmed it yesterday:

Our dear Emilia is pregnant and we are expecting kittens in early May 2020. ❤️

27.03. & 01.04.2020 - Moving out

On March 27th, 2020 Albert and Archibald vun Mang de Meren moved out and are now enriching the life of a small family in Hamburg. 😺😺

And on April 1st, 2020, Ambrosius also left us and is now keeping the Chartreux lady Hedwig company. 😺

26.03.2020 - Offspring planning

Beatrice a.d. Grinke at home is pregnant and is expecting her first kittens in the next week. Papa Collin couldn't be more proud.

At our Eden, unfortunately, was only pseudopregnant, so we don't expect any Kitten in April.

The next litter with us is planned for summer 2020.

03.02.2020 - Ladies visit

Since Sunday evening we have had ladies visiting, or rather Collin. Beatrice a.d. The Grinke home is Collin's personal guest.

The two get along wonderfully, so kittens can be expected again by the breeder Grinke in April. We are excited.

In addition, our Eden is now also in heat. What does a stud want more than two women at the same time ?! 😸

10./11.01.2020 - Eyes open

On January 10th and 11th, the eyes of the red and blue boys opened. Now the legs look at us confused when they are petted.

The yellow boy needs a little more time. But he already blinks, so that the opening of the eyes can no longer take long. ⌛️

→ To the kittens!

Mang de Meren - Emilia mit 3 Kitten

29./30.12.2019 - Birth of 3 babies

It didn't quite work out with the Christmas kittens. Emilia enjoyed all of the family's attentions.

On December 29th, 2019 at 7 p.m. she decided that it was finally time and led me to the whelping box. After many infinite tummy ticks and hand licks, the first kitten was born at 10:00 p.m. The 2nd followed at 11 p.m. and the 3rd at 0:05 a.m. 🐱🐱🐱

Emilia mastered everything wonderfully alone. It was a wonderful experience and we thank the little mouse. ❤️

→ To the kittens!

1.Wurf in der KAtzenzucht Mang de Meren

09.12.2019 - Ultrasound of the kitten

Emilia's belly has been getting rounder and rounder in the past few weeks and although we have not planned a litter for this year, we had to track down the little tummy.

And indeed ... Emilia is pregnant with at least 4 small kittens. What a great surprise that is. 🥰

The absolute best thing about it is that we will now get Christmas kittens. 🎄

18.09.2019 - Appointment at the VET

We had an appointment with the vet today and unfortunately the ultrasound didn't show any fetuses. Unfortunately, Emilia and Eden are both not pregnant. We're a bit disappointed, but then it'll work next time. 😉

The next possibility is coming.

August 2019 - Collin is hardworking

Collin is a hard-working stud. Emilia and Eden are in heat at a distance of 1.5 weeks and it seems that we can possibly expect offspring ...

... let's wait for the next few weeks.

07.07.2019 - The girls grow up - part 2

Now Emilia is also in heat for the first time. But meanwhile the other cats have got used to the whining and shouting. Nobody comes up to ask questions when Emilia screams.

The cat still doesn't care. 🙄

07.07.2019 - The girls grow up

Almost 7 months after Eden and Emilia moved in, our two little ones will grow up.

Eden is in heat for the first time. All of the other cats are completely confused about what the her behavior is about.

Emilia takes a little more time here. 😊

28.12.2018 - We grow together....

2 weeks later we have a peaceful coexistence!

At night we not only share our bed with Collin (at the foot end) and Ciara (cuddled up to us), but also with Emilia. The sweet little Chartreux hugs Ciara very closely, while Eden claims the topmost recessed area on the scratching post.

The 4 cats also share the food bowls fairly.

16.12.2018 - Emilia & Eden move in

After a strenuous drive, especially for Emilia, when Eden slept completely, we arrived at the new home at 6pm.

The first contact between Collin & Ciara and Emilia & Eden went as expected. While Emilia & Eden immediately claimed the house for themselves and bravely explored all the rooms, Collin & Ciara were a bit skeptical and withdrew a little.

Direct contact was avoided and the first night was spent separately.

Eden, eine kleines,echtes Kartäuser Katzenmädchen

26.11.2018 - Emilia does not come alone

We have always wished that Emilia would grow up with a playmate at a similar age ... and now it will be like this:

Eden (Emilia's sister) is moving in with us too. 😺 😺

19.11.2018 - 9 week old Emilia

Emilia is now 9 weeks old and already a very sweet and above all naughty one. She likes to climb up our breeder's trouser leg or sit on her shoulder.

Emilia grows up with 4 brothers (and a sister) and is therefore really good at handing out and taking in too. Our two house cats will love them!

29.10.2018 - Visit the breeder Grinke

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, we visited the Grinke house and met little Emilia for the first time. Our anticipation was huge and our great expectations were not disappointed! We had decided on the right little cat: When I sat down between all the little cuddly tigers, Emilia steered straight towards me and said "Hello". Look at her look ... she wanted to see us.

06. & 07.Oktober 2018 - Genetics Seminar

genetics seminar for cat breeders by Rymonde Harland und Sylvie Groenveld

It was two very informative and really intensive days with many good discussions. 😃 We have dealt with the basics of heredity, color genetics, the calculation of the inbreeding coefficient including its meaning, as well as breeding methods and breeding plans, so that I now have exactly the right tools for my cat breeding.

Two really great days that I would like to recommend to everyone who is interested in cat breeding.

15.09.2018 - Birth of our first breeding cat

... and in the middle of September the time had come: Pauline von Roit zu Hoya's kittens are here. Now we look forward to our first visit to the Grinke house every day.

The name of our little cuties is now also fixed: She will be called Emilia.

August 2018 - Acceptance of a breeder

After the first contact in January 2018 with the breeder Mrs. Grinke, we received the good news in August that the Grinke house is expecting Chartreux offspring in September and that we can have a girl from the litter.