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Eden aus dem Hause Grinke

Overall, Eden is the shyest and most shy of our cats and has not been petted for a long time. She just didn’t like it.

With a lot of patience and understanding, we were able to win her affection for us. Now she follows me every time into the bathroom, sits on the edge of the bathtub and waits for cuddles. There we can crawl her with relish and she purrs from time to time. But always with small breaks.

During the day and whenever you walk past it, she urges us to play with a vehement squeak (not meowing) and then rages like a madwoman after the feather duster. Regardless of whether there is a cat, stud or door in the way. But little chases with her best friend Ciara are also great.

At night, Eden now likes to make herself really comfortable on our feet. There she lies until the birds chirp and she walks across the bedroom on her rigors.

Eden has a mind of her own and looks more like a stud in her demeanor.

  • Born on September 15th, 2018
  • Mother: Pauline von Roit zu Hoya
  • Father: Yoshua vom Lauerhof
  • Sister of  Emilia

Ciara du Coquin bleu

Our “Sööt-Snuut” (= sweet snout). Ciara is a gold piece from Chartreux cat. She is sweet, affectionate, delightful, cheeky, enjoyable, talkative and much more as it should be for a real Chartreux girl. Yes, also talkative. She talks to you until she finally gets her way.

Ciara is our little sensitive. She is suspicious of fights and chases with the other cats, so she likes to hide. But playing with us, she becomes a drift queen. Like a madwoman she runs across the room, hips into her red rustling tunnel and then slides 2-3 meters with it. Also like to take a bend. (Maybe we saw too much “Tokyo Drift” with her.)

Otherwise, she loves to cuddle with us at night. No matter which position we have found for sleeping, she will find the smallest hole to snuggle up to us. At some point she will cuddle us out of bed …

… and that’s why we love them!

  • Born on March 2nd, 2014
  • Mother: Bea Della Casa-Prima
  • Faher: David v. Oranna
  • Sister of Collin