Chartreux Cattery - Mang de Meren


Our champion Shiva de la Vimeusière

Shiva was a sunshine and brought a lot of joy, fun and mischief into the house.

She always wanted to play everywhere. Chasing, scrambling and hiding games were her favorite pastimes. In doing so, she even managed to motivate our usually very gentle grandma Ciara to play. (That’s what I call Ciara affectionately, although she is only 9 years old.) And then both of them romped like two young jumpers through the living room above our sofa, chairs and tables.

And if no other cat could be convinced to play, I had to serve. We played hide and seek or played catch from room to room. Sometimes she would squeal and run away from me as if stung by a tarantula, and sometimes I would cheer and run away from her because she had spotted me. She reawakened the little girl in me who takes great pleasure in playing.

She was our little boss, a little stubborn and didn’t let anyone tell her anything, no matter if four- or two-legged. But as self-confident as she was, her heart was also big.

She loved the contact and the exchange with us. Every time she caught sight of us, she would come running joyfully, talking to us and growling like a tractor. Loud and constant. We were awakened by her purring one or two times at night.

She was our bright shining sunshine. We are infinitely grateful to her for the wonderful time and will love her forever.

Thank you Shiva!

  • Born on January 13th, 2021
  • Gone on March 7th, 2023
  • Mother: Pénélope de la Vimeusière
  • Father: Saphir de la Pâquerette
  • Champion