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Interesting Facts about to Buy a Kitten

Cats are the most considerate and attentive companions one could ask for.

… and that is exactly what all of our Chartreux cats reflect. You live with us in a big house and thus participate 100% in our everyday life. Yes, in some cases they even determine this.

Our love and passion

We invest every minute of the day and our complete love in our hobby breeding. We accompany the mothers at all times before, during and after pregnancy and take part in the development of the kittens, because this is the only way we can guarantee complete care that is appropriate to their species and behavior. Health and vitality are our top priority.

Are you ready for a Chartreux?

Before buying a Chartreux, or in general before buying a cat, a few basic things should be considered, such as cat allergies, time for a cat or a vacation replacement. Some food for thought is summarized in the article “Thoughts bevor buying a cat“.

There are also some hints about Why pedigree cats are so expensive” which is written by 1.DEKZV e.V.

The last and most important thing you need to know is: You need time! The Chartreux is currently a very popular breed, so there is a waiting list for all litters.

The waiting list for our kittens

Of course, we would like to know how and where our kittens can enjoy their future life and therefore we would like to know everything about the new families. We are happy about every phone call, e-mail, SMS or other message and will gladly take the time to answer all of your questions. However, if you are seriously interested in adopting one of our kittens and would like to be put on the waiting list, we ask you to fill out our short application form (→ To the application form).

Another basic requirement for a possible purchase is at least a personal meeting, because there should be mutual sympathy.

A word about the waiting list to help you understand how we deal with it:

In general, we try to consider all interested parties as soon as possible after they have been placed on the waiting list: as soon as we have kittens and as soon as the desired sex is available. However, there may always be situations in which we (cannot) process the list 1 to 1. Three important reasons would be

  • the desire for a pair of siblings,
  • special friendships have developed between siblings or
  • it is a very small litter of 2-3 kittens. In these cases, close relationships often develop between the kittens all by themselves and we will not separate them.

The chemistry must be right

Our cats and of course the kittens are our family and you will also become a part of it if you take in one of our babies. Therefore, there must be absolute sympathy between all parties – us, you and our cats.

Cats are very sensitive animals and feel your vibrations. They show us very clearly whether you are well-disposed towards them or have doubts. And when choosing new families, we therefore attach great importance to a positive acceptance by our cats.

Pick up the cute kittens

The standard delivery age for kittens is normally from the 12th week. However, our association has decided for the good of the kittens to increase the age of delivery to 14 weeks. Therefore we hand over our kittens to the new families depending on their stage of development at the earliest from the 14th week. We want to give the mother and the kittens a maximum of family time together and an optimal weaning of the kittens. This extra time allows the kittens to develop physically as well as mentally even stronger and better. Even at this (still very young) age, the kittens have not lost any of their cuteness and playfulness, but will enchant their new families just as much.

Health care for the kittens

At that point the kittens (like all our adult cats) received the best possible veterinary health care. The kittens are with the delivery

  • repeatedly dewormed and
  • have the basic immunization as well as and the follow-up vaccinations against cat sniff and cat disease.
  • Our kittens get a microchip from the vet for clear identification.
  • Like all our cats, our kittens are registered with the 1.DEKZV (1. Deutscher Edelkatzenzüchter Verband e.V.) and thus receive a pedigree.
  • Our kittens receive a pet passport for traveling to other EU member states and Switzerland. (According to an EU regulation on the intra-community movement of animals, cats that are transported across borders must also have a pet passport, microchip identification and valid rabies protection. → See “Regulations for entry with dogs, cats and ferrets into the European Union“)

Buy a kitten – important to know

  • The kittens grow up in our household. Right from the start, you will learn all the essential noises such as television, coffee maker and vacuum cleaner and have your experience with sofas, chairs, curtains, stairs, scratching posts, litter boxes and other cats. Therefore they are (almost – the new acclimatization is up to the new lover) completely socialized.
  • We sell our kittens only as indoor cats. We love each of our animals more than anything, that’s why we wish them a long life. Indoor cats usually live to be 15-20 years old (and even older), while outdoor cats only have a lifespan of 10-12 years due to the dangers outside. (Therefore we do not make exceptions here.)
  • Cats are not loners as has always been assumed. They love and need the company of conspecifics. And especially kittens need after the first shock of moving out and for a species-appropriate kitten or cat life a cat friend who understands it blindly. Therefore we have decided NOT to give away kittens to single keeping. Requests for a pair of siblings will be given priority if…
  • …there are special friendships between two kittens within a litter. In this case they will of course only be sold as a pair.
  • We want to know how and where our kittens can enjoy their further life and therefore want to know everything about the new lovers. We are happy to receive an inquiry by email, text message or phone call, but at least getting to know each other personally (at least by phone) is the basic requirement for a possible purchase.
  • Since the kitten’s immune system is not fully developed until the first basic immunization and is therefore more susceptible to infections, the first meeting only takes place from the 8th week of life and thus after the first vaccination. At that age, the kitten’s character traits have already developed very well and they are increasingly interested in siblings and the environment, so that the new owners will also enjoy the appointment a lot more. The first visit is therefore planned from the 8th week.
  • During this visit, we also decide whether to hand over the kittens to the new lovers and conclude a reservation contract for the chosen kitten. (The sales contract will then be sent shortly before collection.)
  • We ask for your understanding that we can only make a binding reservation for kittens with a deposit of 500 euros. Please note that the deposit can only be refunded under certain conditions.
  • For the welfare and protection of the cat or the male, neutering is urgently recommended. Uncastrated animals try to live out their natural instincts; if they cannot do this, they will become disordered and sick. According to the Animal Welfare Act §1 (in German), nobody is allowed to inflict pain, suffering or harm on an animal without a reasonable reason. Please take responsibility too.
  • Our kittens get a small starter set to move out for the first days of acclimatization. The set includes the well-known food for 1 week, great toys and the favorite blanket with the scent of the siblings and mum.

We are always available for questions about keeping, feeding, health and much more. We love every kitten and want only the absolute best for them.

We look forward to your every message! So just write to us:

You want to take a beautiful Chartreux baby from us, then use our application form: → To the application form.