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Here you can find out all the important news from our Chartreux cat breeding.

04.02.2024 - 3 weeks with Umi

Sweet little Umi de la Vimeusière has been with us for three weeks now and has enriched our lives every day with her sweet, gentle and affectionate nature.

After she got used to us and her new home (without other cats), the reunion with Elli went very well and very quickly. Even though we had to slow Elli down a lot at the beginning and distract her with games so that she wouldn't overwhelm Umi, the two of them became friends very quickly. After just one week, they were playing, running and romping around the house together and sometimes even lying in a basket together. Elli and Umi were meant for each other and they soon showed us that very clearly. One can no longer do without the other.

Getting used to Collin, Ciara, Eden and Emilia took a little longer, but there is peaceful acceptance there too. We are working every day to make things even friendlier and we know that everything is still in the process. We will continue to report.

If you don't want to miss the little and big adventures of Umi and Elli, feel free to drop by on Instagram: Instagram (→ ext. link)

17.01.2024 - Umi is here

On 14.01.2024 the time had finally come - we picked up Umi de la Vimeusière.

In an overnight road trip we drove to the north of France to the wonderful breeder Patricia Dourin, and then after a cozy breakfast we drove home again with a special cargo in the car.

Umi was an exemplary car driver. She slept a lot, let herself be stroked and purred incessantly.

When we arrived home, we first went to the specially prepared guest room for Umi, as she needed to relax and rest after the long journey. The big reunion had to wait, especially as the other cats were very suspicious of Umi.

To be continued...

07.12.2023 - We have moved

On 02.12.2023 the time had finally come: We moved with all the cats just 30km west of Kiel to Schacht-Audorf.

Since the beginning of November, we have been moving boxes and small pieces of furniture to our new home every now and then so that the big moving day wouldn't be too chaotic. Of course, our cats loved playing in the boxes. All five furry friends coped really well with the moving day itself. They spent the day relaxing in the living room until we picked them up in the evening.

In their new home they all, except for my darling Ciara, immediately got out of their transport boxes and explored everything curiously and confidently. After about an hour, Ciara also boldly ventured into her new territory. To give them this sense of security, we spread blankets, cushions and beds all over the place with the cats' scents on them from the old territory. This and our presence brought significant relaxation. The first night all (5!) cats slept in our bed. Good thing it's big enough...

I would like to say that they knew what they were in for. I had explained everything to them in detail in the weeks before via animal communication: the procedure for the day of the move and where they would find things in their new home.

After the first 5 days, I can say that it already feels like home.

23.10.2023 - First days without the boys

The first days without Elmar and Emil have passed and the house feels much calmer and emptier. Elli still looks for them occasionally, but we get her distracted very quickly with lots of cuddling and playtime. She even enjoys sleeping in bed with us at night already.

Elmar and Emil have arrived wonderfully in their new home. They immediately accepted their new kingdom and conquered it for themselves. While Emil has made a little new friend and the two are inseparable, Elmar loves to look outside.

The two had chosen their home when they were still very small and so naturally they move around. As if it was meant to be from the very beginning. Simply perfect.

21.10.2023 - Elmar & Emil are moving out

The time has come. Elmar and Emil are moving out. They have been with us for 16 weeks now, have done a lot of nonsense, have purred for petting and have given us a lot of love. We have grown very fond of the two boys, but now it is time to leave.

The transport box of the new family was just a few seconds open, Emil was already sitting in it with folded front paws. He was of the opinion it could go off. Elmar joined him quite fast and so we realized that we had to say goodbye.

Goodbye, you two rascals! We wish you a wonderful life with your new family.

Chartreux / Kartäuser Kitten - E-Wurf 8 Wochen alt

02.09.2023 - A new home is found

The kittens are 9 weeks old today and have developed into wonderfully pretty, play-crazy and absolutely adorable ones. Each of them has his own individual appearance andalso his own character.

Our beautiful Elli is a sunshine and will stay with us. She is the first generation "vun Mang de Meren" and we are very proud that she is here.

Elmar and Emil have already found a new family and were allowed to sniff at them. The sympathy between the family and Emil was immediately present, he is also the somewhat braver and more curious tomcat of the two. He romped and played like a little madman and showed himself from his best side. The shy Elmar thawed out only at the end of the visit and actually acknowledged the dear stroking of the little girls with a pleasant purr. Ok, the family is the right one.

01.07.2023 - The kittens are here

In the night from Friday to Saturday Emilia gave birth to three wonderful, healthy kittens. It was not an easy birth. Unfortunately, there was one star male kitten who chose his way back over the Rainbow Bridge.

Emilia is a very attentive mommy and is fully absorbed in her role again. The three squeaky happy little darlings are feeding well at the 24/7 open milk bar and are growing splendidly.

28.06.2023 - We are waiting...

Pregnancy in cats usually lasts between 60-73 days. After the 60th day, the kittens are fully developed in the belly and ready for birth. Now they are only increasing in size and weight, with each day more in the belly making them stronger and more resilient.

Emilia has reached her 63rd day of gestation today and is still completely relaxed. She normally has a gestation period of 63-65 days. So it can start at any time.

The whelping box is prepared and all important utensils for the birth are gathered. If you don't want to miss anything, feel free to stop by our Instagram profile: Instagram →

20.05.2023 - Emilia is pregnant

Emilia's date is now almost 24 days ago and slowly the signs of pregnancy are becoming more and more visible. Emilia already has a much bigger appetite and currently eats about 50% more than the daily ration provides.

In the meantime a small belly is visible. (Which can also come from the food, but...)

...the teats change color and get a pink-red color, which is a very positive sign for a pregnancy. Have a look at our instagram account: Is Emilia pregnant? (→ ext. Link - Instagram)

We will keep you informed what will happen in the next weeks.

29.04.2023 - A date for Emilia

Emilia is back from her date. From 25-28.04.2023 she spent a few days with her lover. Who was the unknown beauty, I will reveal in due time, but still it remains a little secret.

After initial hesitation, she quickly put aside her shyness and was quickly on a first-name basis with her lover.

Now we keep our fingers crossed that everything worked out well and we can expect kittens again at the end of June 2023.

14.03.2023 - Our angel Shiva has gone

Our hearts are heavy. Our beloved sunshine Shiva went on 07.03.2023 over the rainbow bridge.

Shiva had been eating less and less in the past weeks and we could not explain why. Ultrasound and x-ray then showed two ping-pong sized tumors. The shock was great and the pain took our breath away. What else could we have done but let our angel go. Nothing. She is missing.

Over the last week we have been thinking a lot and we have realized something very moving and comforting:

Cats choose their own homes and favorite people. Even if we think we chose them, it's basically the other way around. They choose us, and they choose us consciously!

The souls of cats are allowed to spend a certain time here on earth and in this time they all have a special task. What this task is, we ourselves often do not even know or perhaps in rare cases only in retrospect of our time together.

♡Shiva♡ knew that her time was limited and lived this short time as intensively as she could. She simply celebrated 20 years of life within two years and gave us her unconditional love and pure joy of life during that time.

♡Shiva♡ chose US for this time! She wanted to share all her experiences with US. And with these very thoughts, we feel happy, honored and infinitely grateful to her.

We love you forever!

05.03.2023 - No litters planned

Breeding usually means to plan things ahead. Scheduling new matings so that the mother cat has enough time for physical, mental and spiritual recovery between her litters. And sometimes that time takes longer than expected for holistic recovery.

Our last litter is now over 1.5 years ago and yes, I would have loved to have had another litter much sooner. But unfortunately none of the intended matings worked out. The nature (of our cats) had other plans.

We will definitely have a litter with wonderful Chartreux babies in 2023, but I can't and don't want to say anything concrete about it at the moment.

02.01.2023 - Happy new year

2022, unfortunately, our litter box remained empty. Even though we wished it so much, it did not work out with kittens in that year. All the more we are now looking forward to 2023 and hope to soon sweeten the everyday life of many families on the waiting list and all Chartreux fans with great kitten pictures.

Currently my waiting list is very long. If you are interested in one or two kittens from us, you have to expect a waiting time of up to 2 years.

If you still want to be on our waiting list, then you can find here "interesting facts about to buy a kitten" as well as the application form.

22.12.2022 - No babies for Emilia

It's really hard for me to write this here because I don't want to admit it either. But Emilia is in heat right now, which means at the same time that she is not pregnant. I don't know what the vet saw on the ultrasound, but in any case it was not a kitten.

Unfortunately, we have to continue to be patient and hope for 2023.

30.11.2022 - Emilia is pregnant

The love games between Collin and Emilia are now 4 weeks ago and Emilia is gaining a little weight, so today we went to the vet. An ultrasound examination showed the good news: Emilia is pregnant.

We don't know how many kittens there will be, the examination method is too imprecise for that and Emilia is an unpleasant vet patient, but we have the certainty: There are babies at the beginning of 2023.

10.11.2022 - Love is in the air

Collin and Emilia had a great time the last week. If everything worked out well, we can expect kittens in early January 2023.

01.11.2022 - No babies from Emilia

Unfortunately, the mating with Collin at the beginning of September was not successful. Emilia is not pregnant. But she seems to be in heat in the next days. We will see... 

17.10.2022 - Changes in the kitten delivery

For the delivery of our kittens there are two very important changes for all existing and all future interested people:

  1. From now on I do not give my kittens to single holding. Either our kittens go with a sibling into the new family or into a household, in which at least already one cat lives. Cats and especially kittens need a companion for their further development and thus for their physical, mental and emotional well-being.
  2. Also at my small, family cattery the increased inflation has not passed without a trace. Whether it's the general cat-related cost of living, the price of high-quality cat food, or health care at the vet, everything has become more expensive. I would like to continue to raise strong character, healthy and cuddly kittens that bring lots of love and joy to their new families. Therefore I increase my prices from the next litter. 

For more information feel free to contact me directly →

15.10.2022 - Multi cat household seminar

Today was the second day (08.10.22 was the 1st day) of the online seminar "May you be able to be peaceful. Support for the multi-cat household" by Christine Hauschild. It was two intensive seminar days, in which I had many AHA-moments. Even though we have been living together with four or five cats for quite some time, there are always a few things that are new. 

Even though cats are social animals and no matter how well cats get along with each other, there can be tensions and misunderstandings in a multi-cat household from time to time. This is where a cat lover should take a closer look to make it easier for his cats to get along with each other.

I can only recommend everyone who has more than one cat to deal with this topic intensively!

19.09.2022 - No babies from Shiva

Also today's appointment at the vet showed no kittens. Shiva is unfortunately not pregnant. 

19.09.2022 - Control at the vet

On Monday, my vet was finally back from vacation, so I could go there with Shiva to clarify a possible pregnancy. Unfortunately, the ultrasound showed no clear signs of pregnancy. So we agreed on a second checkup for the following Friday or Monday. It could be a kitten hiding behind the organs like the bulging bladder. 

07.09.2022 - Emilia is not pregnant

We have canceled the control appointment for a possible pregnancy of Emilia, because Emilia is currently in heat. This was a little surprise and not planned, but then our kitten wish is only postponed for a few weeks. 

04.09.2022 - Appointment at the vet

Emilia has been showing increased need for cuddling, rapidly changing moods and occasional nausea in recent weeks. Her last heat is now 5 weeks ago, which is unusually long for her. And since she is slowly showing a small belly, we have become curious. So I have now arranged for the coming Thursday, 08.09.22 in the afternoon a vet appointment. Let's see what he will tell us about a possible pregnancy. We are excited.

Shiva is still completely relaxed. Collin's mating is now also just about 3 weeks ago. So we have to be patient a little longer. 

16.08.2022 - Love is in the air

Finally... our Shiva is in heat for the second time and Collin is very interested in her. The two harmonize very well together and with a little bit of crossing fingers there will be kittens in the house "Mang de Meren" from the middle of October. 

Let us surprise you! 

01.08.2022 - Delivery date for kittens

From 26-27.05.2022 the general assembly of our head organization of the Fédération Internationale Féline met in Pilsen (CZ). Beside many elections of offices also different changes of the breeding guidelines were decided.

The most important change for us breeders and for the many families who would like to take a cuddly companion, is the change of the delivery age of kittens. 

Starting from 01.01.2023 we give our kittens at the earliest with 14 weeks to the nwe families, like the regulations in our association prescribe. These two weeks more with mother and siblings support all the emotional and social developments of the kittens. 

Champion Titel Shiva

01.07.2022 - Official Champion

Now finally the certificate has arrived. Shiva may call herself official champion. 📜

Here is the certificate →

11.06.2022 - Second show day in Hinnerup, DK

Shiva made it. 🏆

She has received the 3rd CAC point. We are now waiting for the official recognition of 1.DEKZV e.V. and then she can officially call herself Champion. 

We thank judge Aleksey Shchukin for the evaluation. 

11.06.2022 - First show day in Hinnerup, DK

We survived the first show day well. Shiva got her 2nd CAC point for the aspired title of Champion. We thank judge Martti Peltonen (Sweden) and judge candidate Pauline Kröger (Niderlande) for their open, honest and kind way and their evaluation. 

26.05.2022 - Our next show with Shiva

On 11 & 12.06.2022 there will be a FIFe International Cat Show from JYDSK Racekatte Club at Søften Idrætscenter (link to organizer →) in Hinnerup, Denmark and we will be there with Shiva.

This will be our first show over two days, so this time we plan to stay two nights on site. To make it a bit more homey for us and Shiva, we looked for a nice Airbnb accommodation very close by. 

22.04.2022 - Breeding update and kitten plans

Normally, a cat comes into heat for the first time between the fourth and twelfth month of life. Depending on the breed, weight, place of residence and season, there are still big differences in the time of occurrence. Shiva, on the other hand, is still very calm and showed no sign of being in heat. She enjoys her adolescence and we continue to wait. 

For Emilia we are planning a mating at the end of May or beginning of June, so that we can probably expect kittens in August - if mother natur, female and male cat play along and are also convinced of our plan. 

13.03.2022 - Shiva's first and successful show

Shiva made it and passed her first show with Bavour. It was an exciting day with many new voices, smells and procedures. 

The judge was very enthusiastic about Shiva and gave her the first CAC point (CAC = Certificat d'Apitude de Championnat). In total Shiva needs 3 CACs to get the title of Champion. 

In addition, Shiva was nominated for the final "Best in Show" competition and was allowed to show herself on stage next to the prettiest cats of her category. 

We are super proud of our little girl! 🥳

07.03.2022 - Planing our 1st show

Next weekend (12.+13.03.2022) there will be a cat show of Jydsk Racekatteklub in Kolding, Denmark and we will participate with Shiva on Sunday. For us this is the first show and we are already very excited. 

09.01.2022 - Daisy's first award

Today Daisy mastered her second show sovereignly. In Marseille she was allowed to participate in the kitten class (4-7 months) and was awarded there as best Chartreux kitten. 🥇

22.12.2021 - Merry Christmas!

🎄 We wish everyone a wonderful Christmas time and a happy new year! ✨

14.11.2021 - Winter time is time for rest

When the days get shorter and the nights get longer, the cats adapt too. They become quieter and cozier and all of them now get a well-deserved break with even more cuddle time.

The next litter is therefore not planned until spring 2022.

An important information for all future interested parties: Currently there are about 20 families on the waiting list, some of whom would like to take in two cats. Please note that we give preference to requests for two cats or to take in a second cat. (→ Things to know about the delivery of our kittens)

15.10.2021 - Daisy moves out

Now the last big day has come and Daisy is also moving to her new family. 

Daisy has delighted us now for 16 weeks with her sunny and friendly disposition and has grown very close to our hearts especially in the last 2 weeks,  after her brothers moved out.

We will miss this young lady very much and wish her a wonderful, exciting life! 💗

03.10.2021 - Duke & Dusty move out

The first big day has come - Duke and Dusty are moving to their new family in Hamburg. We will really miss the two cuddly tomcats.

It is always amazing for us how intense the bond can become between human and cat within just a few weeks. It's just good that the new family is waiting for them with 5 pairs of hands to cuddle them properly. We wish you a great cat life! 🧡 💙

But if you want to follow them for a bit, you can do so on Instagram: → Jungs_von_der_Waterkant

24.09.2021 - 2. visit of the vet

So, now all three kittens have also survived their 2nd vet visit. They were all three super sweet. The stupid prick has not disturbed them in the slightest.

08.09.2021 - Thoughts about the waiting list

Currently, the demand for the Chartreux is very high, so that the waiting lists at all responsible breeders are more or less long.

But please don't let that stop you. Many interested people are on the waiting lists of various breeders and often many of them do not cancel when they have already found their dream kitten. 

I have just updated my waiting list and was able to reduce it by almost 50%. So it is definitely worth it to get on the waiting lists!

If you want to know more about how to buy a kitten from us, you can find all the information here →.

28.08.2021 - Visit of the new family

Duke and Dusty had a very exciting day today, because their new family came to visit. After initial hesitation, perhaps due to fatigue, the sympathy was immediately felt on both sides. It was played, cuddled and purred.

27.08.2021 - We met the vet

Today was the vet visit for the first vaccination of the kittens. All three catbabies were curious and super well-behaved. The vaccination and the placing of the microchip did not bother them at all. Mama Emilia was also there the whole time and held the brave little paws.

08.08.2021 - Interest in Kitten

Currently the demand for Chartreux kittens is very high, so our waiting list is also very long. Everyone who is interested in taking a kitten from us has to be very patient.

Since our kittens are a part of our family, we want to know everything about the potential families. Now, in order to find the best family to put on the waiting list, we have designed a short application form → through which we receive all the information that is important for us. 

All other information about the delivery of our kittens can be found here: Interesting Facts about to Buy a Kitten →

25.06.2021 - The babies are here

Friday afternoon Emilia gave us 4 wonderful healthy kittens: 2 girls and 2 boys. 🥰

It was a long birth, but she did everything really well and is now a model mommy again.

You can find current pictures in the gallery →.

If you are interested in a kitten, I regret to tell you that I have a long waiting list. But you are welcome to write to me → 💌.

11.06.2021 - Emilia is pregnant

Emilia's belly has become steadily rounder in the last few weeks, so that she can no longer hide her pregnancy.

The check-up at the vet yesterday showed five strong beating hearts in the ultrasound. Since the ultrasound is not 100% accurate, we expect five plus / minus one kitten. 🥰

Emilia now has about 2 weeks to give the babies everything they need for their development. Therefore she eats for at least 6 cats. 😋

If you are interested in a kitten, I regret to tell you that I have a long waiting list. But you are welcome to write to me → 💌.

12.05.2021 - All cats together

Shiva has been living with us for a week and now she has gotten to know all the other cats bit by bit. They all treat each other very respectfully and carefully, but I have already seen the first short hunting games together.

She fits in perfectly with the group.

Mang de Meren_Shiva bei der Ankunft

05.05.2021 - Shiva is moving in

Today I made myself a big birthday present and picked up our new family member with my husband: Shiva de la Vimeusière.

We thank Patricia Dourin from the bottom of our hearts for this wonderful Chartreux girl and for her great trust. ❤️

Shiva is such a piece of gold, affectionate, gentle when playing and purring like a tractor. She will give us a lot of joy and love.

10.03.2021 - Spring feelings

It is spring and here are a lot of spring feelings in the air at the moment. Emilia is in heat and Collin is very interested. 😻

07.11.2020 - Eden's travel

On Saturday Eden gave birth to 5 wonderful babies.

This is Eden's first litter and usually there are only 2-3 kittens, but despite the size of the litter, she coped with the birth very well and confidently.

27.08.2020 - Moving out - part 2

Now the little ones are 16 weeks old and the last two, Baltahzar and Dushi, have also left the nest.

Balthazar has been living in his home in Strasbourg for 5 days and keeps his new Catmom busy.

And now Dushi has also arrived at her new little best friend in Amsterdam and forges new, deep bonds.

08.08.2020 - Moving out - part1

How quickly time goes by - now Balthasar, Buddy, Prim and Katniss (Baghira & Bijou) have moved out and are now making the life of their new families a little brighter.

While Prim and Katniss continue to make their new territory unsafe as a duo, Balthasar befriends his new playmates (2 Norwegian forest cats). Buddy, on the other hand, initially goes to his new family as a loved and pampered only child. 😄

Balthazar and Dushi (Bluwie) are unfortunately still waiting for their move abroad. You are only allowed to cross the "borders" with a valid rabies vaccination and it is still a few days before it is valid. 😉

Chartreux Mang de Meren - Kitten alle zufrieden

07.05.2020 - 6 gorgeous kittens

Emilia gave us 6 wonderful kittens in the evening (May 7th, 2020).

She handled everything so wonderfully and alone that we felt completely superfluous. Everyone is doing well and drinking like world champions.

Mang de Meren - Schwangere Chartreux Emilia

16.04.2020 - Pregnancy confirmed

The ultrasound at the vet confirmed it yesterday:

Our dear Emilia is pregnant and we are expecting kittens in early May 2020. ❤️

27.03. & 01.04.2020 - Moving out

On March 27th, 2020 Albert and Archibald vun Mang de Meren moved out and are now enriching the life of a small family in Hamburg. 😺😺

And on April 1st, 2020, Ambrosius also left us and is now keeping the Chartreux lady Hedwig company. 😺

26.03.2020 - Offspring planning

Beatrice a.d. Grinke at home is pregnant and is expecting her first kittens in the next week. Papa Collin couldn't be more proud.

At our Eden, unfortunately, was only pseudopregnant, so we don't expect any Kitten in April.

The next litter with us is planned for summer 2020.

18.03.2020 - Cat knowledge refreshed

In order to always provide the best home and care for our cats I took the online basic course"Owning a Cat" (ext. link). It was an exciting refresher on all the basics about cat keeping. 

03.02.2020 - Ladies visit

Since Sunday evening we have had ladies visiting, or rather Collin. Beatrice a.d. The Grinke home is Collin's personal guest.

The two get along wonderfully, so kittens can be expected again by the breeder Grinke in April. We are excited.

In addition, our Eden is now also in heat. What does a stud want more than two women at the same time ?! 😸

10./11.01.2020 - Eyes open

On January 10th and 11th, the eyes of the red and blue boys opened. Now the legs look at us confused when they are petted.

The yellow boy needs a little more time. But he already blinks, so that the opening of the eyes can no longer take long. ⌛️

→ To the kittens!

Mang de Meren - Emilia mit 3 Kitten

29./30.12.2019 - Birth of 3 babies

It didn't quite work out with the Christmas kittens. Emilia enjoyed all of the family's attentions.

On December 29th, 2019 at 7 p.m. she decided that it was finally time and led me to the whelping box. After many infinite tummy ticks and hand licks, the first kitten was born at 10:00 p.m. The 2nd followed at 11 p.m. and the 3rd at 0:05 a.m. 🐱🐱🐱

Emilia mastered everything wonderfully alone. It was a wonderful experience and we thank the little mouse. ❤️

→ To the kittens!

1.Wurf in der KAtzenzucht Mang de Meren

09.12.2019 - Ultrasound of the kitten

Emilia's belly has been getting rounder and rounder in the past few weeks and although we have not planned a litter for this year, we had to track down the little tummy.

And indeed ... Emilia is pregnant with at least 4 small kittens. What a great surprise that is. 🥰

The absolute best thing about it is that we will now get Christmas kittens. 🎄

18.09.2019 - Appointment at the VET

We had an appointment with the vet today and unfortunately the ultrasound didn't show any fetuses. Unfortunately, Emilia and Eden are both not pregnant. We're a bit disappointed, but then it'll work next time. 😉

The next possibility is coming.

August 2019 - Collin is hardworking

Collin is a hard-working stud. Emilia and Eden are in heat at a distance of 1.5 weeks and it seems that we can possibly expect offspring ...

... let's wait for the next few weeks.

07.07.2019 - The girls grow up - part 2

Now Emilia is also in heat for the first time. But meanwhile the other cats have got used to the whining and shouting. Nobody comes up to ask questions when Emilia screams.

The cat still doesn't care. 🙄

07.07.2019 - The girls grow up

Almost 7 months after Eden and Emilia moved in, our two little ones will grow up.

Eden is in heat for the first time. All of the other cats are completely confused about what the her behavior is about.

Emilia takes a little more time here. 😊

28.12.2018 - We grow together....

2 weeks later we have a peaceful coexistence!

At night we not only share our bed with Collin (at the foot end) and Ciara (cuddled up to us), but also with Emilia. The sweet little Chartreux hugs Ciara very closely, while Eden claims the topmost recessed area on the scratching post.

The 4 cats also share the food bowls fairly.

16.12.2018 - Emilia & Eden move in

After a strenuous drive, especially for Emilia, when Eden slept completely, we arrived at the new home at 6pm.

The first contact between Collin & Ciara and Emilia & Eden went as expected. While Emilia & Eden immediately claimed the house for themselves and bravely explored all the rooms, Collin & Ciara were a bit skeptical and withdrew a little.

Direct contact was avoided and the first night was spent separately.

Eden, eine kleines,echtes Kartäuser Katzenmädchen

26.11.2018 - Emilia does not come alone

We have always wished that Emilia would grow up with a playmate at a similar age ... and now it will be like this:

Eden (Emilia's sister) is moving in with us too. 😺 😺

19.11.2018 - 9 week old Emilia

Emilia is now 9 weeks old and already a very sweet and above all naughty one. She likes to climb up our breeder's trouser leg or sit on her shoulder.

Emilia grows up with 4 brothers (and a sister) and is therefore really good at handing out and taking in too. Our two house cats will love them!

29.10.2018 - Visit the breeder Grinke

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, we visited the Grinke house and met little Emilia for the first time. Our anticipation was huge and our great expectations were not disappointed! We had decided on the right little cat: When I sat down between all the little cuddly tigers, Emilia steered straight towards me and said "Hello". Look at her look ... she wanted to see us.

06. & 07.Oktober 2018 - Genetics Seminar

genetics seminar for cat breeders by Rymonde Harland und Sylvie Groenveld

It was two very informative and really intensive days with many good discussions. We have dealt with the basics of heredity, color genetics, the calculation of the inbreeding coefficient including its meaning, as well as breeding methods and breeding plans, so that I now have exactly the right tools for my cat breeding.

Two really great days that I would like to recommend to everyone who is interested in cat breeding.

15.09.2018 - Birth of our first breeding cat

... and in the middle of September the time had come: Pauline von Roit zu Hoya's kittens are here. Now we look forward to our first visit to the Grinke house every day.

The name of our little cuties is now also fixed: She will be called Emilia.

August 2018 - Acceptance of a breeder

After the first contact in January 2018 with the breeder Mrs. Grinke, we received the good news in August that the Grinke house is expecting Chartreux offspring in September and that we can have a girl from the litter.