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The Chartreux - A beautiful grey cat

Welcome to the website of our little Chartreux Cattery “Mang de Meren” where we breed a amazing grey cat – the Chartreux. On the following pages we would like to give you an insight into our life with our Chartreux cats. If you want to be even closer to the action, then follow us on Facebook (→ external link) or Instagram (→ external link).

Our breeding stud Collin du Coquin bleu moved in with us in June 2013 with his neutered sister Ciara du Coquin bleu.

We have always been fascinated by these grey cats. The Chartreux surrounds a very special aura, which enchants everyone as soon as you meet them. The same thing happened to us when we saw the first pictures of this wonderful breed and when we met them for the first time. We were absolutely enchanted. From then on there was no other breed than these grey cats. Therefore we fulfilled a heartfelt wish and started the with our Chartreux Cattery. 🥰

Find out more about us and how we started breeding, about our impressive breeding stud Collin, our wonderful cats (Emilia, Elli & Umi, Eden & Ciara) and of course about our cute kittens who romp around the house.

We record all progress and news under News for you and wish you a lot of fun browsing!

You have also fallen in love with the Chartreux and would like to give one or even two kittens a loving home, then please read our thoughts about this first of all: “Interesting Facts about to Buy a Kitten” or apply via our form “Application for a Chartreux Kitten“.

Kind regards, Cornelia & Marcel

A kitten for you?

Are you ready for a Chartreux kitten?

Before taking in a Chartreux, you should realize that a Chartreux is not just a pet. It will become an important part of your family when it moves in, requiring as much attention and love as any other family member.

You would like to know more about the adoption of our Chartreux kittens? Then take your time to read the page “Interesting Facts about to Buy a Kitten” and you will learn everything that is important.

Chartreux Kittens daily life

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Letters from the new home of our Chartreux kittens

Hello Cornelia, hello Marcel, hello Mama Emilia, Papa Collin and hello Aunt Eden and Aunt Ciara!

It's Balthasar. Do you still remember me? When I and my siblings were born 7 months ago with you, in your beautiful home? I wanted to thank you in this way for the wonderful start into a new life! Your inexhaustible time and love for us, our loving parents and wonderful aunts!

All the cuddling and caressing, the great food and socializing, you have shown and taught us so much.

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Dear Conny, dear Marcel,

in May 2020 we contacted you for the first time and we got on the waiting list for the C-litter. The decision for 1 or 2 kittens was still pending. At the beginning of July Conny wrote to us and asked if we were interested in two girls from the B-litter. The family that had booked the kittens had cancelled and Conny and Marcel only wanted to give them away together, because they harmonize very well and are friends. She sent us pictures of the two and the following vita:...

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Chartreux (= in German Kartäuser) and British Blue

The breed of the Chartreux as we know it today is from France and is translated as “Kartäuser” in German-speaking countries. The name “Kartäuser” can therefore only be assigned to the Chartreux.

Due to a close historical connection between the two breeds (see The History of the Chartreux), the British Blue is still untruely named as Kartäuser by some breeders and cat associations and sold as such one.

But a closer comparison shows the clear and mainly physical differences.

A graphic comparison: Chartreux - British Blue

When a cat becomes sad...

In the course of our living together with our cat we get to know them and their special preferences and idiosyncrasies and we know very soon how to interpret their cat language. Even in a partnership with a cat, communication is the most important basis for a harmonious community.

But when sudden changes in the behavior and nature of the cat occur, we are often overwhelmed at first. Problems such as uncleanliness, scratching furniture, aggressiveness, marking with urine, bullying in a multi-cat household or listlessness and increased need for sleep often require intensive research into the causes.

We happily survived such a groundbreaking experience with our Chartreux cat Eden, which we would like to share with you (including our grandiose solution 😉).

Please only take a few minutes, because our solution will definitely help you too!