When we suddenly have a sad cat

Imagine you get up in the morning and you find a sad cat in your beautiful home. Isn’t that a terrible vision? But what is to be done now? Understanding cats is the basis for a happy and contented coexistence. The gestures and facial expressions of cats are sometimes so fine and delicate that we have to develop a good eye and a sensitive feeling for them in order to recognize how our cats are doing.

The most noticeable behavior that a cat feels completely at ease is its benevolent purr.

“When a cat is comfortable, it can make an indescribable sound roll in its throat. It's one of the most beautiful sounds in the world and it's called a purr."

Our lovely sad cat Eden

Our cat Eden wasn’t always sad. But she has behaved a little differently since she moved in. From the beginning she preferred to be close to our other cats and had little interest in us humans; she was only happy and eager to play. She thought she was being fooled, being petted a lot more and cuddling together was out of the question. She had probably forgotten how to purr.

Ok, when a cat shows us its opinion so clearly through its feelings, then you have to accept that.

We gave her the space she needed to behave in a cat-friendly manner and didn’t press her. From time to time we have incorporated one or the other training into our coexistence with her and over time there have been changes in her behavior towards us.

When our cat got sad

In November 2020 we suddenly had a sad cat. She stopped eating, vomited, seldom drank, stopped using the toilet and just crouched apathetically in a corner. From this moment on, the utmost urgency was required, because our cat was not only sad but also sick. We took her to the veterinary clinic, where we were diagnosed with inflammation of the pancreas (pancreatitis). A shock! 😱 Because in the worst case, pancreatitis can lead to fatal multiple organ failure.

Eden’s condition was critical because she had to be force-fed and her blood values did not improve even with antibiotics.

Chartreux Cattery Mang de Meren - Katzen und ihr Verhalten

How a sad cat turned into a happy cat

During this difficult time, when the health of our beloved sad cat Eden was becoming increasingly worrisome, our friend Chris unexpectedly got in touch and told us about a method she could use to send Eden on the path of recovery and healing: Instant Change.

We were skeptical, but why shouldn’t we accept this gift of fate and just try it out, we thought? So we sent Chris a recent photo from the veterinary clinic and she “worked” with Eden. It was found that her blood values and her health improved and that she was stable again after a short time.

At home, Eden was visibly recovering. But the most amazing thing about her recovery was the change in character. Our cat’s behavior turned 180 °:

A shy, introverted and sad cat became an affectionate, cuddly and purring Eden.

What happened?

A short explanation of INSTANT CHANGE

A short explanation of

The instant change method works in our energy field.
Every human being and every animal is surrounded by an electromagnetic energy field in which all our positive and negative experiences are stored.
The Instant Change Method generally refers to these experiences as information. And it is precisely this information, especially the negative information, that is deleted by the method and replaced by positive information. The results will then be visible in our body, mind and spirit.

Our conclusion on INSTANT CHANGE

The INSTANT CHANGE method was a gift for us because it turned an initially introverted and sad cat into a cat full of self-confidence and (self-) trust.

INSTANT CHANGE is now a part of our lives.

So if you...

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