Katzenzucht der echten Kartäuser Katzen

Our Chartreux Stud

Collin du Coquin bleu

Yes, Collin is a real Chartreux cat and, as a breeding cat, the boss in the house. At least that’s what he thinks. When you see him strutting through the house so self-satisfied and dignified, but also a little distant, you know immediately that he is a Chartreux and above all a (breeding) tomcat.

But he’s just pretending. At the bottom of his heart he is a real cuddle cat and regularly calls for his cuddling hours with a gentle muck. When it comes to his rights, he likes to be petted down once in a while. He just falls over.

Otherwise he absolutely needs his playtime with us, otherwise he chases the girls across the house, which often ends in wild screeching.

He has a special eye on Emilia. When he is not around, he knows where she is thanks to his regular patrols.

Like all studs, Collin usually has his own mind, but he’s always just great!

  • born on March 2nd, 2014
  • Mother: Bea Della Casa-Prima
  • Father: David v. Oranna
  • Blood group A
  • Pedigree of Collin

breeding success

mother catdate of birthkittens
Emilia a.d. Hause Grinkeon 29.12.2019- Albert vun Mang de Meren
- Archibald vun Mang de Meren
- Ambrosius vun Mang de Meren
Beatrice a.d. Hause Grinke

(Kontakt: Züchterin Olga Grinke

on 08.04.2020- Habo a.d. Hause Grinke
- Hercules a.d. Hause Grinke
Emilia a.d. Hause Grinkeon 07.05.2020- Bluwie (Dushi) vun Mang de Meren
- Bijou (Katniss) vun Mang de Meren
- Baghira (Prim) vun Mang de Meren
- Balthazar vun Mang de Meren
- Balthasar vun Mang de Meren
- Buddy vun Mang de Meren
Eden a.d. Hause Grinkein autumn 2020open